‘She is available for Rs 150..’: Viral video shows young man putting rates on women foreign tourists

A shameful video of a young man putting rates on foreign tourists and harassing them for Instagram reels has gone viral on social media platforms. Some social media users has called for action against the young man for his disrespectful and offensive behaviour towards women tourists.

The man, who reportedly hails from Jaipur, was seen putting rates on four women tourists who seems to be oblivious to what the young man is saying.

The man goes to the women tourists and shamelessly rates them. “Guys, you will get these women for Rs 150,” he says while pointing at one woman. He then continues to rate the other three woman as “She is for Rs 200, you can get her for Rs 500 and this one is for Rs 300.” Meanwhile, the women continue to wave at the camera without knowing what the man was saying.

The video was first shared by an X user who was infuriated after watching the video and tagged Jaipur police to arrest the young man. Sharing the video on X, the user wrote, “Guys like these are the reason why international tourists have bad experience in India. @jaipur_police should arrest this guy for harassing tourists and teach him basic civic sense and the meaning of Atithi Devo Bhava.”

Watch the video here:

Meanwhile, another user wrote, “ This dude is highly problematic and is ruining the image of Jaipur. @Jaipur_police please take action.”

In another such video, Guru is seen harassing a tourist couple by filming himself with the man and the woman. “Guys, she is my wife,” he said walking next to the woman. Moving towards the man, Guru said, “He is my brother-in-law. How do you guys like him? My brother-in-law.”

Some other users on X also tagged Jaipur Police under Guru’s videos and demanded action against him. Several users were of the opinion that the young man spoilt Jaipur’s name by harassing tourists.

Reacting to the requests, the Jaipur Police said, “Sir, the higher authorities have been informed for the appropriate legal action in the aforementioned matter.”

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