Watch: Shark swallows diver’s camera, viral video amazes netizens

Sea divers often amaze the world with the underwater footage they bring back from their journey. In the light of it an amazing footage from the ocean world has come to surface. In the video shared by Zimy Da Kid on Instagram, a shark can be seen swallow a camera. But, the visual that gets recorded in it is worth watching.

The video shows a tiger shark swimming near the Insta360 camera that seems to have fallen on the surface of the sea. As soon as the beast comes near it, it starts biting on it. Within a few seconds, when it fails to swallow the gadget, it throws it out of its mouth and leaves. The camera, on the other hand, manages to record everything, including the body cavity of the shark.

The caption on the video reads, “That moment this curious Tiger Shark decided to taste my @insta360 camera during our last @deepseaguardians expedition”

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So far, the video has garnered more than 153k views and tons of reactions. Netizens were amazed to see the interior of a shark’s body. One user commented, “That was like a whole different dimension inside the. never seen before” and another comment read, “I hope it didn’t get hurt.” Whereas many just filled the comment section with comments like, “wow” “amazing” and “cool.”

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