Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Jawan’ sets the beat: Fans Dance to ‘Chaleya’ on Brooklyn Bridge, Watch viral video

One viral video has taken the spotlight, featuring two girls dancing to the beats of 'Chaleya' on New York's iconic Brooklyn Bridge.

The reign of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s latest action-packed blockbuster, ‘Jawan,’ has swept across the film industry just as anticipated. A Shah Rukh Khan movie often sets the trend, and ‘Jawan’ is no exception, captivating the internet with enthusiastic fans dancing to the movie’s tunes and rallying under #Jawan and #SRK hashtags. One viral video, in particular, has taken the spotlight, featuring two spirited young women grooving to the beats of ‘Chaleya’ on New York’s iconic Brooklyn Bridge. The clip caught the attention of none other than SRK himself, who shared the video on X (formerly Twitter) and commended the girls for their dance moves, saying, “This is amazing!!! Thank you for bringing #Chaleya to the Brooklyn Bridge, girls!!! Love you.”

In the video, the lively duo can be seen showcasing their dance moves at the renowned Brooklyn Bridge, and as they conclude their performance, the onlookers erupted in applause, appreciating their exuberance.

It’s not just the fans who are grooving to the tunes of ‘Jawan’; Shah Rukh Khan, amidst the accolades for his action-packed venture, has been engaging with his fans who are celebrating the movie through dance and music.

In another heartwarming instance, a man, despite being on ventilator support, demonstrated his unwavering devotion to the superstar by making his way to a theater in a wheelchair to catch the movie. Anees Farooqi, facing health challenges, found solace and inspiration in the magic of Bollywood as he made the effort to watch ‘Jawan’ despite his circumstances, earning him the title of Shah Rukh’s most devoted fan. Netizens were quick to shower immense praise and respect on Farooqi for his unparalleled love for SRK and his unwavering determination.

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Speaking of the movie, ‘Jawan’ is an adrenaline-packed thriller helmed by Atlee, tackling a spectrum of social and political issues prevalent in the country. The film boasts an ensemble cast, including Shah Rukh Khan, Nayanthara, Vijay Sethupathi, Priyamani, Sunil Grover, and Sanya Malhotra, portraying pivotal roles.

At the domestic box office, ‘Jawan’ has achieved the remarkable feat of entering the coveted Rs 500 crore club and is steadily advancing towards the Rs 600 crore milestone. During its opening week, the movie grossed a staggering Rs 371 crore, making it the second consecutive film to surpass the Rs 300 crore mark in the first week, following SRK’s earlier release, ‘Pathaan.’ The allure of ‘Jawan’ continues to enchant fans, making it a sensational hit of grand proportions.

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