Security guard chokeholds and slams woman onto parking lot, video garners more than 11m views

In a disturbing video, a few women can be seen involving in a vigorous fight while a security officer chokeholds and slams one of them

In a disturbing video that has surfaced online, a few women can be seen indulging in a vigorous fight while a security officer chokeholds and slams one of them outside a Texas nightclub.

Shared on Twitter by a user name Leo, the clip begins with two women pulling each other’s hair and punching with full force. They weren’t the only ones in the scuffle, in fact, there were other women fighting each other as well. According to The New York Post, the incident took place on Saturday outside Privat Social Club in San Antonio.

Further in the clip, a security guard can also be seen picking up one of the hooligans, placing her in a chokehold, and violently slamming her onto the parking lot ground. While the bystanders were shocked by the incident, a male party-goer stepped in and pushed the security guard away.

The camera then pans out to capture several other women fighting each other to a point where the chaos can be seen going wild with women dragging each other barefoot across the pavement, their dresses getting pulled up around the waists, and their undergarments getting exposed.

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Watch Video Here:

So far, the post has garnered more than 11 million views. However, it is unknown what caused the women to start combat on the streets.

The private security company, Precision Defense Group, told to KENS5 TV that there were only two guards trying to break up six fights while waiting for police to arrive.

Meanwhile, at least three security guards can be spotted in the video. To this, the head of the security company said that he is reviewing other footage and won’t comment until then.

Reportedly, none of the people involved in this fight has yet filed any charges, said the San Antonio Police Department.

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