Seagulls attack woman while eating sandwich, internet reacts as video goes viral

Imagine you are eating peacefully and a bird or an animal attacks you for the food. You will be afraid right? Such a similar incident occurred when a woman could not help but scream loudly as seagulls attacked her while she was eating her sandwich. The incident occurred while the woman was recording her review of the sandwich during a live stream. Now the video of the incident is going viral over the internet.

The video has been shared on micro-blogging platform X (formerly Twitter) by @FearedBuck. In the video, the woman was heard saying “I mean, it’s not bad, I guess,” while holding the sandwich in her hands. After this a seagull pecked on her sandwich all of a sudden, causing her to scream. Many other seagulls followed suit as she was forced to drop her sandwich which the seagulls soon ate.

The video has been shared with a caption that read, “This streamer got assaulted and robbed by birds while trying to eat her sandwich. After being shared, the video has garnered over 5.3 million views, while, nearly 37 thousand X users have liked the video.

Reacting to the video, one user commented, “The fact they laughed at her well LMAO.” Another person wrote, “Ngl I don’t even blame the birds that sandwich looked good asf LMAOO.”

A third user commented, “Nah that first one came in hand as hell.” Another users said, “Imagine trying to eat your sandwich and then u see birds flying at you.” A fifth person commented, “In the birds’ defense, that was a pretty tasty looking sandwich. They did not skimp on the meat.”

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