School Kids Help Woman Push Her Cart on Ascending Road: Watch viral video

Two school kids recently won heart of social media users as they were spotted helping out a woman to push her cart along an ascending road. The scene was witnessed in a video that was posted to Twitter.

Posted by Twitter user Mahant Adityanath 2.0 the said video has so far earned more than 5k retweets, 203 quote tweets and more than 33 lakh likes. The user writes in the caption, “Aapki degree sirf ek kagaj ka tukda hai, agar wo apke byabahar main naa dikhe toh” in Hindi which means your degree is just a piece of paper, if your education does not reflects in your behaviour.

We can see in the video that a woman is pushing her fruit cart on the road. Soon, an ascending road comes on her way where she struggles to push the cart. People are going on the road but they are either not paying heed to the woman or even if someone is looking at here, he/she is not bothered to help her out.

After a few seconds, two school kids, a boy and a girl reach near the woman and help her push the cart. With no time the three manage to push the cart along the ascending road. As a prize for this noble work the woman gives one banana to each of the kids.

Watch the video here:

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