School girls attempt to perform stunt on highway, fail miserably, Watch

People do anything these days to get views online. Some perform deadly stunts while others dance, sing, or draw. However, performing stunts sometimes turns fatal for them. A similar thing happened when two school girls tried to perform a stunt on a highway, however, it turned out to be fatal for them. The video of the incident is going viral over the internet presently.

The video has been shared on the social media platform Instagram by one @shalugymnast. In the video, two girls in school uniform perform stunts together on the road. One girl stands and the other climbs on her shoulders and does a backflip in the air however instead of landing on her feet, the girl falls straight on the road.

After being shared, the video has garnered over 61.5 million views while nearly 1.76 million Instagram users have liked the video.

Reacting to the post, one user commented, “She is lucky she didn’t fall into the divider and crack her head. What a foolish place to try this.” Another person wrote, “reels ke liye kamar thodwa Diya kya battemazi hain ye!”

Meanwhile, a third person said, “You don’t try of this road is not safe.” Another person commented, “It’s good that they are sharing it for other little girls to learn not to do this at a place like this. Girls can be silly, I hope she’s okay.” A fifth person wrote, “Papa ke pariyon ke gajab karname dekhkar bada achcha Laga.”

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