Scary video of tourist leaning to edge of world’s tallest waterfall goes viral: Watch

In a recent video it is thrilling to watch that a tourist has leaned to the edge of the Victoria waterfall, one of the tallest waterfalls of the world in Zambia. The fall is 355 feet high.

No doubt the video is scary. However, there is some other story behind. Of course, you need to be a very brave person to experience this adventure. Yet, the good news is this is a tourism offering in which professionals make you to step close to the edge of the Victoria falls, one of the tallest falls in the world.

As per reports, when the flow of Zambezi River is slow in between June to December, brave people who are also good swimmers are allowed to go near the Devil’s pool under professional guidance. Devil’s pool is a shallow pool naturally created close to the edge of the falls. And then people who can swim close to the edge of the falls they are allowed to avail this adventure.

Of course, as narrated by Twitter users, these people are held securely by local guides who hold their ankles so that you may not be pulled with the force of the water. And another person clicks the photo or record the video. And it gives a feel that the lone tourist is leaning at the edge of the tall waterfall and casually looking down.

After the video was posted online by Weird and Terrifying (@weirdterrifying) on December 30, 2022 it has so far gripped a huge 66.8 million views, 16.5k retweets, 9638 quote tweets and 203.4k likes.

Besides, it has also earned a good number of comments in which mostly others have described their experience. “Just learned that standing this close to a 380 feet waterfall is a thing (Devil’s pool – Victoria falls )”, reads the caption of the video.

The video shows that a beautiful woman is leaning over the edge of the tall Victoria Falls and enjoying the scene deep down while water cascading to its depths.

A user wrote, “My husband just got back. It’s very expensive tho. Someone holds your feet so you won’t fall.”

Another user mentioned about his daughter’s experience and he mentioned about the person who stands on the edge and takes the photo. This man’s act is more risky. “My daughter did it earlier in the year. Well organised and they do hold your ankles, but it’s the bloke who takes the film using your phone that I admire, and he’s standing on that edge ever day!,” the Twitter user commented.

And yet another user mentioned about her friend who died there. “I have a friend who died doing this. Please don’t. The pic is not that important, I promise you,” she wrote.

Watch the video here:

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