Residents of this village live completely nude !

Though it is hard to believe but there is a village in UK where residents of the village live completely nude. They are living such life for the last 85 years. They execute their daily chores, attend party and attend community gatherings without wearing any dress.

Spielplatz in Hertfordshire in UK is known as Britain’s oldest naturist colony.

While you don’t have to be nude to live here the residents probably won’t sell you a house if you are not. They splash in the swimming pool, mow the lawn, and enjoy a pint in the local stripped.

Normally dressed neighbours, postmen and supermarket delivery drivers visit the place to execute their duties and witness the villagers as nude, but it is okay for them. They never seem perturbed.

As per reports, lots of tourists visit this village. Interestingly, even the visitors abide with the rule of the village and try to interact with the residents without wearing dresses, while it is not an issue even if they visit with dress.

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  1. Dario Western says

    There is nothing weird or offbeat about the human body. We are all born nude. Plus nudists do not live in “colonies”. Colonies are for ants and lepers.

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