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Rat climbs on man in subway, hilarious video goes viral

In the plethora of videos from the subways, a hilarious clip of a rat climbing on sleeping man has gone viral on social media.

In today’s viral video, a rat climbs on man in subway, and the clip has gone crazy viral on social media.

If you are an avid social media user, you might have come across several videos from metro trains and other public transportation. While much of this footage features humans and their antics, the now-viral video stands different as it is about an act pulled by a rat.

The short clip begins with a man dozing off while traveling on New York City’s subway. Soon after, a rat appears out of nowhere and starts climbing the legs of a passenger. The man who is fast asleep seems unaware of the rodent traveling up his body for the first half of the video.

It is when the rat moves up the man’s arm to the juncture between his neck and shoulders, he starts to feel something unusual. He then drowsily opens his eyes and puts his hand on the back of his neck to dust out the odd feeling. Just then, the rat reappears in front of him, and the passengers get shocked. He jumps up and the rat falls to the ground.

The video of a rat climbing on a man in subway was shared on Twitter by a user named Jaz. The caption in the post reads, “I didn’t realize there are rats on NY Subways or any Subway.”

Take a look:

The clip garnered a lot of attention online, and daily commuters were surprised to see a rat traveling on a train. Some find it unusual, although they do admit seeing a few on the platforms and tunnels.

One person wrote, “Oh yea. They’re omnipresent. But this guy – he is the epitome of calm when he realizes. Who wouldn’t scream and jump and lose it in this situation?” Another commented, “I haven’t seen them actually on a train, but regularly saw on the platforms, tracks and tunnels when I lived there.”

Here’s how others reacted:

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