Rare yellow frog witnessed in Narsinghpur of Madhya Pradesh: Watch

A few yellow frogs were witnessed recently in Narsinghpur district of Madhya Pradesh. While normally we find frogs in colours like well-camouflaged dappled brown or grey in India these frogs were yellow.

Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Parveen Kaswan shared a short video clip in his Twitter handle where the army of yellow frogs is seen croaking and jumping around in a small water body.

Kaswan tweeted, “Have you ever seen Yellow frogs. Also, in this number. They are Indian bullfrog seen at Narsighpur. They change to yellow during monsoon and for attracting the females. Just look how they are enjoying rains. @DDNewslive.”

Responding to Kaswan’s tweet, many social media users narrated similar experience of frog sightings while others showed their amusements in the comments.

Sources revealed that the frogs are “Indian bullfrogs”, native to the Indian subcontinent, is currently an invasive species.

The bullfrogs are usually not bright yellow in colour but the males change their colours to yellow during the breeding season to call females from the shallows of water bodies, added the source.

According to some environmentalists, this rare species of bullfrogs has importance in agriculture ecosystems and are environment-friendly.

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