Rare white lion cub spotted roaming in the wild with mother

The rare white lion cub ran behind its mother as they took a troll through the wilds. Netizens have claimed the video to be very amazing.

Videos of animals, especially wild, roaming around doing activities freely in their natural habitat have never failed in amazing the internet. A recent video of a rare white lion cub roaming about in the wild has grabbed the attention of netizens. The fact that it is rare animal being spoken of, makes it all the more exciting to watch the video. The video was shared on Twitter by Indian Forest Service officer, Susanta Nanda.

The video shows a family of lions taking a stroll across the woods. The lioness can be seen leading the walk, as her cubs follow behind. One of her cubs is the rare white lion cub, the one that has caught people’s attention. As per Susanta Nanda, there are only three white lion cubs in the world, roaming freely in the wilds. He captioned the video, “Here is a white lion cub for you…It is believed that there are only three lions in the world living freely in the wild. VC: In the clip.” Take a look at the video here:

The video was shared on Twitter on December 15. since then it has already crossed over 25k views and has garnered over 1500 likes. The comments section was also flooded with comments like ”Lovely and it’s amazing for india we proud on officers like u in forest department thanks to u for caring these cubs,” while one user commented, “Do not disclose the location if its in India.”

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