Rare mushroom weighing 10 kgs spotted in Odisha’s Ganjam, watch

The 2 feet wide giant mushroom was found in Ratnapur village under Surada block

Berhampur: In a rare occurrence, a giant mushroom has been spotted in Ganjam district of Odisha recently. It has been witnessed in the Ratnapur village under Surada Block of the district.

As per reports, a villager first found the giant mushroom sprouted at a pile of straw near his farm land. He plucked the mushroom. After weighing, the mushroom weighed around 10 kgs. The width of the mushroom was 2 feet and it was white in colour.

The villagers have crowded the place to witness the rare mushroom. They have said that they have never seen such a large mushroom. The giant mushroom looks like paddy straw mushroom.  However, it is yet to be found whether it is edible or not.

It is to be noted that sometimes wild mushrooms are found which are not edible. If someone consumes it, he can fall ill. There are many instances in Odisha when people have fallen ill after consuming wild mushrooms. Hence, first it should be found by experts whether the said giant mushroom is edible or not. If edible, can it be harvested and what is the process to do so.

The administration has been informed about this. Amid all the above queries, the villagers have demanded that the administration should make arrangement to find whether it is edible. And it would be found consumable, they should be promoted to harvest, because farming of such giant mushroom can yield large profit. The villagers have demanded that the government should examine the mushroom and inform while it is edible or not.

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