Proud Son! 53 Year Old Mom Clears SSC Exams

A recent story of a 53 Year old mom clearing SSC Exams after 37 years has been on the highlights lately.

Prasad Jambhale, who is a Senior Software Engineer at MasterCard recently shared his mother’s inspirational story. In the post, he recalls how his mother had to quit her studies due to financial problems, and had to start working in order to feed the family.

Last year, the lady got to know that the Maharashtra government allowed anyone to reappear for the exam by studying at night school, and she signed up for it.

Jambhale in the post says,“Her days started with learning all the lessons from the SSC curriculum. One day when I was back in India, she showed me her notebook and I was amazed to see how good she was in Algebra and English. She also showed me photos that how their group of people who left education are now celebrated, now that they have decided to resume.”

The son takes extreme pride in mentioning that his mother not only made an attempt, but cleared the examinations with 79.60%.

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