‘Professional Baby Namer’: US girl charges Rs 7 lakh to name a baby

A 33-year-old New Yorker, Taylor A. Humphrey, charges a whopping fee of Rs 7 lakh to pick a baby name for expecting parents.

Becoming a parent is one of the best things that can happen to a person. With the arrival of a child, a house becomes bright as it fills with joy and love. As glorious as it is for a person to cherish parenthood as difficult as it is to land on a perfect name for their newborn. Here, a professional can come to the rescue. Yes, you read it right- ‘Professional baby namer’ is a career and people earn from it.

Taylor A. Humphrey, a 33-year-old New York-based girl is a live example of this profession, and guess what, she charges a whooping fee of over Rs 7 lakh to pick a perfect name for newborn babies.

Reportedly, Humphrey gets paid an average of $1,500 (Rs 1.14 lakh) by expectant parents to name their kids. Some rich parents even pay a surprising amount of $10,000 (Rs 7.6 lakh) for selecting the perfect name for their infants.

Humphrey told to The New Yorker, “If you look at the most popular baby names, it’s such a telltale sign of our cultural values and our aspirations.”

The baby namer’s low-range service is $1,500, which includes a phone call and a tailored list of names. In order to land on a list of perfect names, Humphrey conducts detailed research on the parent’s genealogy to search out old family names. The names in the list are prepared based on the parent’s response to a list of questions.

Taylor began her journey back in 2015 when she started sharing her favorite baby names and their meanings on social media.

“I found there was a very high engagement considering how few followers I had. When I began posting on Instagram, people were coming to me about their love for names. I was always a name nerd, so I was very surprised there were a lot of us,” she told The Sun.

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