Pride of lions in Gujarat dominate the streets at night: Watch viral video

IFS officer Susanta Nanda shared a video of a pride of lions in Gujarat dominating the empty streets at night.

Indian Forest Service officer Susanta Nanda often shares pictures and videos of wildlife showcasing the antics and beauty of these creatures. Recently, yet took to his Twitter to share yet another video of the wild that features the pride of lions in Gujarat dominating the streets at night.

In the clip, the place seems to be a residential area where a group of eight lions can be seen loitering through the streets. Although the road is empty, it shivers our bones thinking what if there was a pedestrian nearby? However, some vehicles can be seen approaching with blinking headlights trying to get a pass without a scratch.

While sharing the post Susanta wrote, “Another day, Another pride… Walking on the streets of Gujarat.”

Take a look:

So far the clip has racked up over 288k views and tons of comments. While some were astonished by the clip some showed concern over wild animals exploring the concrete jungle.

One person wrote, “Dangerous as well” and another comment read, “It is obvious that the Gir sanctuary is overflowing with lions, and some of them must be translocated elsewhere.”

A third comment read, “They look malnourished” and a fourth user wrote, “They are scared of humans and left silently on seeing a motorbike approaching in their direction.”

Here’s how other’s reacted:

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