Polish athlete Maria Andrejczyk sells her silver medal to save little boy

In the recent event of Tokyo Olympics 2020, a Polish athlete won a silver medal in the women’s javelin. While most athletes cherish the medals as a reminder of their achievement, Maria Andrejczyk of Poland, decided to auction her medal to raise money to help fund for the heart surgery of a young Polish boy.

Andrejczyk, has herself suffered serious injury and recovered from a 2018 diagnosis of bone cancer. Having faced such a tough time, she wanted to put her earnings into a good cause. Therefore, when she finally won her medal, she decided to sell it in order to raise donations for a toddler who needs £130,000 for life-saving heart surgery in the US.

The 25-year-old athlete announced the news through her social media. She posted a picture of her wearing the medal on Instagram on Monday night. In the caption, she declared the details of the auction and thanked everyone for the half a million zlotys that have been collected so far.


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The infant has been identified as Milosz and he is suffering from a rare combination of heart and venous problems which mean that his pulmonary veins don’t function properly. His main hope of survival is via expensive surgery available in the USA only.

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