Pole vault by an intelligent monkey! [Watch]

We all know about the Panchatantra story ‘the monkey and the crocodile’ where the monkey makes fool of the crocodile by telling it that he has left his heart on a trunk of the tree and manages to save its life. This is an instance where the monkey uses its brain to save itself. However, it was a flick. But in a recent video we can see how a monkey uses its intelligence to jump up to a high wall.

The video has been shared by IFS officer Susanta Nanda who is known for posting such interesting videos and photos on his personal Twitter handle.

In the video a monkey is seen taking a big leap from a tree branch to a nearby building wall. First the monkey observes that the wall is too high and hence makes a plan. It climbs up the tree and violently shakes up the branch. The force put on it was perfect for the monkey which helped it to jump safely to the wall.

Even animals have their own ways with which they adapt to certain situations which is interesting and inspiring.

The caption of the video that Nanda has put is also much interesting. It says, “Try only under the supervision of a monkey.”

The post has earned a lot of retweets and likes so far.

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