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Pirate Ants Try To Steal Gold Chain, Watch Viral Video Here


Working in group is often called an act of unity and is appreciable by everyone. However, a group of ants stealing a gold chain is quite unheard of. Even though it sounds impossible a group of pirate ants have carried out this act and the video has been caught on camera. The video was subsequently shared on Twitter after which it went viral on the internet.

The viral video spans over a time period of 15 seconds and shows a group of black ants carrying a gold chain. It is assumed that the black ants might be carrying the gold ornament to someplace nearby. Such an act by the ants have left the netizens amused as well as confused. It is quite questionable why the ants are acting in such a unusual way.

The particular video was shared by IPS officer Dipanshu Kabra through his official twitter handle. He has captioned the video as “Smallest Gold Smugglers”. The post has received 8700 views, 189 tweets and 1208 likes.

Users have commented on the video and their comments were quite amusing. While one asked ‘under which section will police book the ants’, while other wrote “Unity is strength but bad luck ant, police will catch you’’.

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