Picture of woman cooking for family while on oxygen support proves mother is never off duty

There is no denying that the second wave of COVID-19 has wreaked havoc in India. Hundreds of people have lost their near and dear ones due to the pandemic.

While the government has miserably failed to contain the spread of the virus, common people are coming out of their comfort zone and doing their bit. The COVID-19 has shown the power of humanity.

Strangers are coming forward to help COVID-19 patients. Meanwhile, a striking photograph of a woman cooking for her family while on oxygen support has been going viral on social media. Though, the picture proves that mother is never off duty, it has triggered a heated debate online.

The image, which has been circulated widely across platforms, is of a woman cooking in the kitchen while breathing with the help of an oxygen concentrator placed nearby.

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Sharing the photo, the user captioned, “Unconditional love = mother. She is never off duty.”

The picture has triggered debate online. While many social media users praised the woman for her dedication and love for her family, many said it was so evil to make the woman work in such condition.

The post has triggered a conversation on women, mothers, and their “duties”.

Even as the origins of the photograph remain unclear, many on social media were concerned whether the image was real as going near a gas stove with oxygen is hazardous.

Some commented that even if the photograph was staged, the toxic mentality behind the image of glorifying motherhood was sickening.

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