Picture Of Deep Sea Fish on social media horrifies the internet

A recent picture of a deep sea fish posted on social media has grabbed the attention of the internet.

The photo was uploaded on Instagram by an account named rfedortsov_official_account. The fish was titled “Frankenstein’s Fish”. The picture shows a white fish with protruded eyes, a small tail and fins that look like chopped wings.

Netizens reacted in horror on seeing the picture and some of them were even able to identify the fish. Taking to the comment section of the post, user User jmcg21 wrote, “My Marine Bio son said it looks like a Ratfish from the depths of possibly skinned. They are cartilaginous – not scaled (similar to sharks)”. Fish such as these live deep in the ocean and are found at depths between 650 and 8,530 feet, according to the UK organization Shark Trust. These don’t usually have a lot of colour and are adapted to withstand a lot of pressure due to their very deep habitat.

That was not all. The account then posted another picture of a dark colored deep sea fish with its eyes and guts popped out.


The caption of the post read, “I hope that you are not eating at this moment”. Social media was yet again quick to react to the new post as well. One user wrote, “Judging by the poor creature’s protruding eyes and the internal organs hanging from its mouth, it suffered barotrauma, or ‘the bends’ as divers call it. When deep sea fish are pulled up on a line or in a net, their swim bladder rapidly expands as the water pressure rapidly decrease, and this forces their gut out of their mouth and their eyes to bulge out of their head. The fish is often alive when it reaches the surface this way.”

The Instagram account which posted both the pictures regularly posts interesting fish he manages to catch while on the job and enjoys a massive following of 6,50,000.

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