Photos of UP IAS officer selling vegetables gone viral

Lucknow: In recent events of viral images on the internet, pictures of senior Uttar Pradesh IAS officer Akhilesh Mishra selling vegetables at a roadside stall has become the talk of the town overnight.

In the pictures shared on the Facebook page of Mishra himself, this special secretary of the UP-transport department can be seen sitting on a sack at the roadside shop, selling vegetables to the customers. It is assumed that the shop is in the busy market on the side of a road as other vegetable sellers and customers are also visible.

The photographs have gone viral on all social media platforms, making the netizens curious about what could have made the officer pull such an act. The internet is divided into the debate concerning whether the picture is real or fake.

To ease the situation, Akhilesh Mishra finally came forward to share the real story behind his action. He revealed that he was in Prayagraj for some official work when this incident took place. “While on my way back, I stopped at a place to take a look at the vegetables. The vegetable seller, an old lady, requested me to look after her shop, saying she would be back in a moment. Possibly, she had gone to look for her child who had gone away from the shop,” wrote the officer in Hindi as he posted in his FB timeline.

Mishra added, “I just sat down at her shop. Suddenly a customer and the seller came. A friend of mine took the photo and put it on my Facebook account from my phone. I saw these today itself. For your kind information…”

Image credit: Facebook

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