Perfect Example Of Mother’s Love! Cat Walks Into Hospital Carrying Newborn Sick Kitten; Watch Viral Video

Every mother loves her children without any condition. She can do anything to keep their children happy and free from all sorts of problems. This is not limited to the human being alone. The animals and birds also cannot see their babies suffering from any kinds of problems. One such video of a mother cat carrying her newborn sick kitten to the hospital is now going viral on the internet.

A 1.28 minute-long video of the cat recorded in a hospital in Turkey is melting hearts online after she walked into a hospital with her newborn kitten in her mouth to ask for medical help.

In the heart-warming video shared by 3W Daily the mother cat is seen walking through the hospital catching her kitten on its mouth. In the meantime, the people who were present at the hospital stepped aside making way for her. Some people are also can be heard telling others to move out of the cat’s way.

Treatment of the kitten started after the doctors found out that it was suffering from an eye infection.

According to the staff of the hospital, the cat was given food and water when it visited the hospital in the morning with an aim to ask for help.

Watch the video here: (Video Credit: 3W Daily)


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  1. Lingaraj Patra says

    I haven’t seen lord or God, except a mother, in the sape of “God “.

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