Panicked Caller Reports ‘Cheetah’ In Backyard, But It Turns Out To Be Something Else; See Pics

A man in Oregon, US called the the local police station in a panic and reported that he had seen a ‘Cheetah’ in his backyard, but when the police reached the spot they found out that the supposed cheetah turned to be a stuffed toy, which looked like a leopard.

The incident happened in Multnomah County in Oregon on Friday. The incident was shared by Multnomah County Sheriff on his office Facebook page.

The caller said the animal was in an elevated position but didn’t appear to be aggressive.

He wrote, “This morning, we got a call from a SW Portlander who reported seeing a big cat with spots in an elevated position off  in the Green Hills neighborhood. The caller said the animal looked like a cheetah, but did not appear to be aggressive. Big cats are not uncommon in this area, cougars have been spotted in the West Hills periodically over the years, but a possible cheetah, this was new for us”.

He further said, Our westside deputy with last name Sullivan responded to the report and went to the area to look for the big cat. On the way, he notified the Oregon Zoo since the neighborhood is not far from there and they replied that no animal was missing from the zoo.

When the deputy Sullivan arrived at the home in the Green Hills neighborhood, he discovered what was really going on.

‘I used my ninja-like skills to sneak up on the beast’, Said Sullivan as he recounted the incident. ‘Of course, it sat there dumbfounded that I was able to get so close for a couple of photos. Turns out it was a stuffed animal!’

This post has gone viral after it was posted and many users reacted on this. The users are amused by the story while some praised the man for reporting the incident immediately. Other social media users also pointed out the stuffed animal is not meant to resemble a cheetah, rather it is supposed to be a leopard — with light brown spots outlined by dark brown and no black lines running down from its eyes.

Here is the post:

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