Pakistan women losses her bag at airport, gets it back after 3 years; Know viral story

Some incidents can restore faith in humanity and make one believe that the world is not that bad. In the light of it, a woman got reunited with her bag that she lost at the airport three years ago.

Khadija M, a Twitter user, recently shared how she lost her bag in 2018 at Islamabad airport. In the bag, she had her iPad, kindle, and a hard disk that contained a complete backup of her phone.

With no hopes of finding her lost bag, Khadija moved on and bought new gadgets. She recalled that she lost the bag at the Islamabad airport after an exhausting flight.

The woman shared her story on Twitter and wrote, “Three years later, in 2021. When I had already gotten another kindle and tablet and had forgotten all about the lost luggage, I received a call from a mobile shop owner in Jehlum.”

Unexpectedly, a small business owner discovered her valuable possessions and searched the computer’s hard drive for a phone number to call her. “My brother traveled all the way to Jehlum to get the items and give the man some thanks. The man barely made a livelihood, lived in a small village, and operated a little mobile business. But he did everything he could to get a lost item back to its owner,” Khadija added.

With over 12k likes and several reactions, Khadija’s post has gained a lot of attention. While some wrote about how amazing the incident was, others pointed out how good people still exist in today’s world.

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