Nilanshi Patel sets Guinness World Record for Longest hair on a teenager

Hair is the beauty of women, says Nilanshi Patel from Gujarat, who recently set a place in the Guinness book of world records for her five feet seven inch long hair. As per reports the sixteen year old beautiful girl hasn’t cut her hair for last 10 years.

When Nilanshi was six once she had went for a haircut. The experience of that hair cut was so bad, she decided not to cut her hair further. Interestingly, this decision finally makes her to receive the prestigious Guinness World Record. She was declared a recipient of the great title for ‘Longest Hair on a Teenager’.

“I got a bad haircut, and it was really bad for me,” the teenager was seen saying in a YouTube video released by GWR.

Today, her dark, thick, wavy hair reaches her ankles, measuring 67 inches long when pulled straight.

The girl says she washes her hair once a week and amazingly, it takes only a half-hour to dry. However, it takes an hour just to comb it. She added that her mother is completely supportive and happily assists her to comb the long hair.

“My mother helps me to braid and to comb my hair. She has helped me to grow the long hair,” says the world record holder.

“I style it as a long braid and also as a bun”, adds the teenager.

It is worthy to mention here that the present Guinness World record holder as the adult woman with the longest hair is China’s Xie Qiuping, whose hair measures more than 18 feet long. Nilanshi’s (who has got the title as the teenager with longest hair) hair isn’t even one-third of the length of Xie’s hair. However, as Xie had started growing her hair at the age of 13 unlike Nilanshi, who started at six, we can expect that Nilanshi could surpass hers one day.

Her friends call Nilanshi a “real-life Rapunzel”. How she manages such long hair? “I don’t face any problems with my hair. I do all the sports and all the things with my hair,” she says.

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