Night road brightly lit by fire: Beauty or terror? Watch

In a video that has gone viral, a forest fire in the USA and Western Europe illuminated the night road, watch video here.

The Internet is always flooded with stuff that often catches the attention of online users and goes viral. Especially videos of nature are the ultimate source of happiness and are most loved by netizens. But many times nature becomes very scary and there are videos shared online that reminds us just that. Here is one such scary video we have for you featuring a forest with fire.

The video opens up with a fire in the forest in the USA and western Europe. A vehicle can be seen traveling during the night, but the road is illuminated brightly due to a fire that is burning plants and trees. Soon after, it can be displayed that the fire spread onto the townships and settlements, and it endangers the lives of many people which includes the elderly, women, and children.

The clip was shared by a Twitter page named Vicious Videos.

Watch the video here:

The video was an instant hit as it went viral almost immediately after getting shared. So far, the video has garnered tons of likes and comments. Highly petrified by the video, netizens flooded the comment section with their reactions.

One user wrote,” God showing what the gate of hell looks like.” Another commented,” I’m on the Highway to Hell.” A third comment read,” That’s Australian Bush Fires.” A fourth wrote,” I imagine this is the “HIIIIIIIGHWAY TO HELL!!” Or nah?”

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