Newly married couple gets petrol & diesel as wedding gift

In a rare incident a newly married couple from Tamil Nadu was gifted a litre of petrol and a litre of diesel as their wedding gift during the reception. The friends of the couple presented the special gift to the couple at a glittering wedding reception party. It is to be noted that fuel price has increased a lot in the last few days. And thus, the friends of the groom thought of presenting petrol and diesel to the couple.

A video showing a group of youths presenting the couple petrol and diesel is making the round in the internet. The incident reportedly took place in Cheyyur village of Chengalpattu district in Tamil Nadu.

“Tamil Nadu | A newly married couple was gifted bottles of petrol and diesel by their friends in Cheyyur village of Chengalpattu district. The prices of petrol and diesel are Rs 110.85 and Rs 100.94 per litre in the state,” ANI tweeted along with a photo of the incident.

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