Mumbai eatery sells Bahubali Gold Momos worth Rs 1299; Watch viral video

Indian people are known for their love of food and they are often seen experimenting with new food items or tries to give new looks to their foods.

The eateries across the country also offers a variety of options for food lovers. Sometimes restaurants and eateries announce many bizzare type of challenges and rewards to attract customers.

Now an eatery in Mumbai is selling a giant momo weighing 2 kilograms which is filled with veggies along with Mozerella cheese and has edible 24-karat gold on top.

The eatery named Messy Adda in Mumbai is calling the giant momo as Bahubali Gold momos.

The Bahubali Gold momo weighs two kilograms and is served with an orange mint mojito, two chocolate momos, three chutneys and a Mayo dip.

The video of the giant momo was shared by a food blogger on Instagram and now it has gone viral.

Watch viral video:

An eatery in Dubai sells gold vada pav fors Rs 2,000. It is filled with truffle butter and cheese, fried, and then covered with 22-karat gold.

Netizens had mixed reactions to the Bahubali Gold Momos. While some wanted to try the momos, some other social media users said that it is a waste of money.

One user commented, “This is someting new, I wana totally dig on that big momo ….not that fantasized by the gold but that big momo is really a fantasy.” while another users said, “Crazyyy but innovative.”

A third user commented, “Momo mai gold dalne se price toh change ho jayega lekin taste wahi rahega.” Yet another asked, “Kya point hai iska?”

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