Mother’s Love: Mother hen puts up brave fight against poisonous snake to save her chicks

A mother’s love is unconditional and is the purest form of love. They can go to any length to protect their kids. A viral video on Twitter proves that not only human beings, but animals and birds as well have the abilities to protect their children.

A 38-second video going viral on Twitter is proof of exactly this universally quality of birth-givers. Sharing the video, a Twitter user captioned, “Mother’s love. Love is a stronger emotion than fear.”

In the video, we can see a poisonous snake approaching a hen and her litter of chicks, with the intention of attacking the newly-hatched birds. Wasting no time, the mother hen comes forward to protect its little chicks.

It puts up a brave fight against the snake, furiously flapping her wings and stepping on it with her claws to stop it from slithering towards her hatchlings. In one moment, we can see the snake overpowering the mother bird, sliding over her throat and pinning her to the ground. But the hen successfully overcame it and got up, ready to fight again.

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She even uses her beak to attack the snake, while also scaring it with her wings and her claws. The video drew a lot of reactions from social media users.

Since being shared online, the viral video has garnered over 2,200 likes and been retweeted over 1,000 times.

A user commented how all mothers would do the same, “no matter the shape [they] come in”.

A user identified as Gary Crisp made a witty remark on the popular use of the word “chicken” being used synonymously with the idea of cowardice. Another user admired the courage displayed by the hen and talked about how mothers would go to any length to save their children.


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