Mother bear teaches cub how to slide, video goes viral; Watch

Time and again you might have seen several videos of different animals on the internet. While some of them are very amused and adorable, some are very interesting and heart-touching. One such video is now doing rounds on social media platforms.

In the video, which was captured by Betsie Stockslager, an elementary teacher in Asheville’s elementary school, North Carolina, a mama bear is seen playing in a playground with her cub.

“This MADE MY DAY- playground at school… watch the whole thing!! I LOVE how the mama goes down the big slide and quickly runs to the smaller slide- only to BEAR HUG the little one as they make it to the bottom,” Betsie Stockslager captioned the video while sharing it on the Facebook.

The way both the bears are playing in the video will definitely melt your heart.

Thousands of people have watched, liked a shared the adorable video. Likewise, hundreds of social media users have given their comments bellow the viral video.

Have a look at the video here: (Credit- Facebook/Betsie Stockslager Emry)


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