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Monkeys wearing diapers video goes viral: Watch

Monkeys wearing diapers video has gone viral on social media. The cute video where four baby monkeys are seen standing in a queue to wait for their turn has got mixed reactions from the netizens. Some people have admired the clip saying it is cute. However, some other people have taken it as a cruelty towards the monkeys.

Anyway the video went viral soon after it was uploaded to Instagram. The clip was posted to Instagram recently on March 6 by a user named Amit.sahu5065. He captioned it as, “Line by line”. And within a short span of days it has so far garnered a huge 2229504 likes.

We can watch in the said video that four monkeys are standing in a queue and waiting for their turn while a woman is getting an infant monkey dressed. And they are holding their respective apparels. Interestingly, the four monkeys are standing in a row height wise. The monkey closer to the woman is short while the last one in the queue is the tallest one.

Moreover, it seems the monkey in the first place of the queue is little bit impatient. It is anxious to be worn the dress while the lady is asking it to wait for its turn. Meanwhile the woman is busy making the infant monkey wear the dress. As the process is going on the infant monkey jumps to hold the monkey in the first place and that seems very cute.

The video has earned a few dissimilar comments. A user wrote, “Soo cute,” while another commented, “Yah Baburao hai.” Perhaps he means the character of Paresh Rawal.

Yet another user wrote, “Poor little monkeys this is so so cruel.” Also another user criticised, “ Best way to stop this cruelty is DON’T WATCH AND DON’T COMMENT THEN THEY WON’T HAVE A CHANNEL….”

Watch the video here:


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