Model look photo of beggar from Delhi goes viral: Netizens compare it with Bollywood biggies

Social media is an amazing place. The most random and obscure thing can shoot into limelight. To this end, there have been several instances where someone who doesn’t look like they belong in their surrounding has shot to fame. Another such incident has now come forth, tickling the fancy of netizens.

A photo of a Delhi beggar has been going around on Twitter. What is so uncommon about that though, one might wonder. The interesting thing is that the beggar is seen wearing sleek and classy sunglasses along with a classic black tee. In an outfit like that, he looks more like a model or a celebrity than a beggar. Such is his swagger and looks that many people have started comparing him with Bollywood celebrities.

The photo was originally posted on Twitter by Kawaljit Singh Bedi with the caption “Delhi beggars” and a shrugging emoji.

Take a look at the original photo.

People were understandably fascinated by this photo. He was compared to various celebrities like Hrithik Roshan, Aditya Roy Kapur, as well as Allu Arjun of Pushpa fame.

Kawaljit Singh Bedi also posted a dashcam footage as a response to many people wondering if he is actually a beggar.

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