Miyazaki mangoes: Couple grows world’s most expensive mangoes priced at Rs 2.75 lakh, deploys security, dogs to guard

Mango is considered as the king of the fruits and Indian’s love for it are widely known. A Madhya Pradesh couple has brought their love for mangoes to another level as they are reportedly  deployed security personnel and six dogs to guard two Miyazaki mango trees.

Miyazaki mango are rare and the most expensive types of mangoes in the world and costs Rs 2.70 lakh per kilogram.

The couple, Sankalp Parihar and Rani, are growing two Miyazaki mango trees that they have grown in their orchard in Madhya Pradesh’s Jabalpur. The couple got two mango saplings years ago, which was given by a man while traveling on a train to Chennai.

Thinking they are ordinary mango tress, they planted the two of the saplings in their orchard unaware that they are going to grow world’s most expensive mangoes in the future.

After the trees grow mature and mangoes started to grew in the trees, they were surprised as the fruits have a very unusual ruby red colour.

Later they found that the unusual ruby red mangoes are actually the Japanese Miyazaki mangoes which is a rare and expensive type of mango.

The couple has even named the mangoes as Damini, after the name of Sankalp’s mother.

Lets us know What is this Miyazaki mangoes and why are they considered as most expensive in the world.

Miyazaki mangoes also called as egg of the sun are world’s most expensive mangoes and costs RS 2.70 lakh per kilogram in the international market last year, according to the Japanese media reports.

The rare fruit is originally grown in Japan’s Miyazaki city and is a type of “irwin” mango which is different from the yellow “pelican mango” of grown in the Southeast Asia.

The mango is also called as the dragons egg due to its fiery red color and oval shape.

The couple has claimed that they have already been offered Rs 21,000 by a businessman for a mangoes and many offers like this but they will not sell the mangoes to anyone yet, and first will offer the first mango to Lord Mahakal.

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