Mistakes one should avoid while placing a Money Plant at home

If one plans to keep money plants at their home, there are certain things that should be kept in mind as per ‘Vastu’ in order to avoid any sort of mishappenings.

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  • Placing the plant in the appropriate direction: One should avoid planting a money plant in the northeast direction as it is said to lead to financial losses and attract negativity in the house. Money plants should be placed in the South-East direction as placing them in the direction will bring prosperity to the house as Lord Ganesha abides in this direction.
  • The plant should not touch the ground: The vines of money plants grow rapidly and often touch the ground. That should be avoided. The vines can be aided through a rope so that they climb upward. ‘Vastu’ says that growing vines is a positive sign as it indicates growth and prosperity.
  • The plant should not be left to dry: A dried money plant could mean many things.  is a symbol of misfortune. It could also lead to financial losses. If the leaves of money plants are spotted dry, they should be cut and removed properly.
  • Should not be placed outside homes: Money plants should be planted Vastu says it is not recommended to place the plant outside houses, as they do not require much sunlight. Dried money plants might result in financial scarcity.
  • Money plantsshould not be given to others: Gifting money plants to others can anger the planet Venus and Venus is a symbol of prosperity and wellbeing.


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