Men pay woman thousands of dollars to control them in US, Know why

America’s Mistress Marley gas garnered a lot of online attention fir her unusual profession of insulting men to earn money. Mistress Marley turned a controversial idea into a lucrative business, where men willingly pay her to humiliate them in order to be under control.

During her talk with YouTube channel ‘Love Don’t Judge’, she revealed that her clients seek her out to be verbally demeaned and controlled.  The men not only give her gifts but also give her thousands of dollars.

Marley’s journey began six years ago after she realised traditional corporate jobs weren’t fulfilling her financial needs. Following this, Marley found herself earning her first paycheck when a client paid her 50 dollar to cover her lunch bill.

After this, there was no looking back. The payments only grew from there, with one client sending her 1,000 dollar initially and then an additional 208,000 dollar to unblock himself from Marley’s services.

Her clients are diverse, predominantly consisting of white men who visit her residence for sessions that include acts like being treated as servants or being physically controlled, sometimes even with leashes.  Her assistant further said during the talk that sometimes he felt that this was the purpose of his life— to serve women, especially Mistress Marley.

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