MBA Student made to wash utensils for gatecrashing wedding in Madhya Pradesh

A MBA student was forced to wash utensils after gatecrashing the wedding event in Madhya Pradesh and the video has gone viral.

Recently, a video has gone viral where a man was being forced to wash utensils at a wedding in Madhya Pradesh. The man, who is a MBA student had been punished for gatecrashing the wedding event.

In the video, it can be seen that the student was forced to wash plates by the organisers after they caught him red-handed while enjoying the food.

Not only did they ask the student to wash their plates but also recorded the whole act. The video which has since gone viral shows a middle-aged man interrogating a boy and asking him to wash his plates as a punishment for gatecrashing the marriage.

The man who recorded the video asked the boy if he knows what is the punishment for having free food. “Now wash the utensils properly as you do at your house,” said the man in the video. The man asked the boy about his whereabouts and questioned him if he does a job. The boy answered him that he is a MBA student. The boy is from Jabalpur as he told the man who was capturing the video. “You are earning a bad name for Jabalpur,” the person said.

As soon as the video gone viral, people showed their disappointment towards the organisers of the wedding.  The boy got sympathy from the audience.

Sharing the viral clipping on social media, one person called out the organisers for apparently ruining the “age-old tradition” and described their behaviour as “unacceptable”.


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