Mango flowers witnessed in rainy season in Odisha’s Puri dist, watch

The rare happening has been witnessed in the Kakatpur block

Puri: In an unusual happening, flowers have been witnessed in a few mango trees even in this rainy season in Odisha. The rare scene has been witnessed in the Asrunkhala village under Kakatpur block of Puri district.

Sometimes something extraordinary happens in nature. Events that cause us wonder and curiosity. Such a surprising incident has been witnessed in Puri district. Generally, mango flowers sprout in the month of Faguna and it ripe in autumn while mangoes are ready to be plucked from the tree in the summer.

However, in a rare happening mango flowers have grown on the tree. This rare happening has been witnessed in the mango grove of Kedar Mohanty of Asrunkhala village.

There are 40 mango trees of different varieties in his mango grove. This year too, he had sold mangoes of his grove in last summer. However, soon now, in this rainy season, flowers have bloomed in the mango trees which has surprised everyone.

Every year Mohanty harvests 10 quintals of mangoes. These mangoes are sold in the local Kakatpur market. This year too, there was a good harvest of mangoes and he sold it in the local market. He also earned good profit out of it.

Now, people are coming to the mango grove to witness the rare happening. They are of the view that this has happened due to climate change.

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