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Man wears crocodile costume and mocks the reptile, watch what happens next

In a funny content, a man wearing a crocodile costume can be seen teasing a reptile by pulling its leg. Watch clip here.


Internet is filled with bizarre content. Some leave us giggling, others have us stunned. In light of it, a clip of a man wearing a crocodile costume and teasing the reptile has surfaced online. Yes, you read it right. While one might assume that the clip might be hair-raising, it is in fact, quite funny. The way the reptile did not react but kept kicking the man is too adorable to watch.

Shared on Twitter by a user named Narendra Singh, the 10-second clip shows a man dressed in a crocodile costume. He can be seen lying down on the ground beside a crocodile near the bank of the river. Lying dangerously close to the reptile, the man then proceeds to touch its leg.

Watch Video Here:

Netizens had mixed reactions to this video and they expressed their opinions in the comments section. “Agar asli waala mood mein aa gaya na…to koi na bacha paayega tumhe (If the real one gets irritated, no one will be able to save you),” a user wrote. Another commented, “Kyu tang kar rahe ho bhai (Why are you troubling it)?”

Here’s how others reacted:

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