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Man tries to catch Cobra in the presence of several people, see what happens


In today’s digital age, several videos, they may be of babies, birds, animals, couples, or reptiles, are going viral on different social media platforms. Some of the videos are so amusing and funny that we cannot stop laughing. However, we also come across some videos by which we get scared. One such video is now doing rounds on social media in which a man is trying to catch a Cobra.

The viral video of a snake rescuer and the snake has been shared by a Twitter account named ‘I Love Siliguri.’ “Cobra Snake rescued from NJP Central Colony,” the video has been captioned.

In the video, it can be seen that a man, who is said to be a snake catcher, is trying to hold the cobra from the middle of the road in the presence of several onlookers. However, each time he tries to put it in the sack, the snake spreads its hood and attempts to bite him.

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