Man sleeps with contact lens, loses eyesight

A man of Florida named Mike Krumholz was wearing contact lenses and went to sleep suddenly which leads to loss of vision in one of his eyes.

If you frequently forget to take your contacts out of your eye, you might want to be a little more cautious. In a frightening event, a man of Florida who was wearing contact lenses went to sleep suddenly lost vision in one of his eyes. A serious infection from a rare flesh-eating bacterium had developed into Mike Krumholz’s eyes which resulted in the loss of eyesight in one eye.

Mike Krumholz who had fallen asleep after a long day at work, but he forgets to remove his contacts. He’s been his using his lenses for almost seven years and is used to get eye infections or “pink eye” when he forgets to take them out. Krumholz’s condition worsened this time, and he was diagnosed with acanthamoebic keratitis in his right eye. After determined with the infection he was unable to work, study, and to lead a normal life for more than 50 days due to damage to his right eye.

The image was shared by himself at GoFundMe Page with a message to raise awareness among other contact lens wearers and to assist him in his fight against the parasite.

The message reads, “I woke up and it felt like bad allergies or maybe even pink eye. I was misdiagnosed with HSV1 in my eye but after five different ophthalmologists and 2 cornea specialists visits, I was diagnosed with a very rare parasite in my eye called acanthamoeba keratitis.” He finally urges others who wear contact lenses not to sleep or shower while wearing them.

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