Man sends dog on a walk with a drone camera, Video goes viral

The video of a pet dog walking with a drone camera attached to it has garnered over seven million views and over 40k likes.

Internet is ever-so-filled with content that is sure to grab attention of the netizens. Virals keep surfacing on the internet which keeps all entertained. Videos of animals, pets or wild, are all the more loved, if the subject is caught in a rather unusual moment or situation.

Pets are the family we choose for ourselves. Their well-being is the owner’s responsibility. Thinking back of the never seem-to-be ending lockdown phases, it was proving to be a hurdle for pets to maintain their daily routine.

Why do we speak of this now? Because an old video of a pet dog has recently surfaced back on the internet and is grabbing attention of people like never before. It shows a very unique attempt towards ensuring your pet’s safety when it goes for a walk without its owner. The video being spoken about shows a pet dog walking with a drone camera attached with it. The dog can be seen walking down the empty street while the drone camera follows.

The video was recently shared on Twitter by a page named ‘Fascinating’ on December 15, 2022. Take a look at the video here:

Ever since it was shared, the video of a pet dog walking with drone camera has garnered over 7 million views, over 40k likes, and several comments. One Twitter user commented saying,”This makes me a little sad. Dogs need your attention. I loved walking with my dog and occasionally asking him which way he wanted to go. He would stop, look up at me and turn the direction he wanted. His walk, his choice. Wish he was still here to enjoy those times,” while another user, replying to the comment said, “I get that but this is actually a great solution for if someone’s disabled in a way where they can’t walk their dog or can’t do it for very long. Also great for if someone is sick and has to be under quarantine.”

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