Man saves 25 dogs from a building on fire in Peru, gives hope to humanity

A homeless man saved as many as 25 dogs from a burning building in Peru, Internet is impressed by the hero

Where animal cruelty is rising throughout the world, some people are setting examples of humanity by giving these furry babies all the love they have. Such a kind deed by a man who saved as many as 25 dogs from a fire, has given hope to the world. In fact, you will be surprised to know that the man had a fear of heights, yet he scaled the building to save the helpless animals. A video of the same has surfaced online.

Shared on Instagram by a page called Good News Movement, the clip shows a man named Sebastian Arias who can be seen climbing on top of a building that was on fire. He did so in order to rescue the dogs trapped inside. He stood by until he saved all 25 dogs despite his fear of heights.

Reportedly, the incident took place on June 9 in Lima, Peru. “This hero, Colombian Sebastian Arias, scales the outside of a burning building to rescue 25 dogs trapped inside. Before the flame engulfs the structure, the hero drops the dog down to safety, where the firemen can be seen waiting with their safety net.

The caption of the post read, “Dog and hero are doing great! A total of 25 dogs were rescued that day.”

Several users flocked to the comment section to praise the man and called him a hero. Some claimed that Sebastian was homeless and came forward to help him.

One person wrote, “There really is nothing more remarkable than seeing the human spirit triumph when tested against adversity. Gives us all a little hope for humanity. Please help pay if forward by helping this wonderful human being find a home…” Another comment read, “As someone who loves dogs and is also afraid of heights, I applaud this man. A hero among men.”

A third person commented, “Sebastian is homeless and was working in a the recycler that got burned. They people that was living in the upper floor rescue doggies. Let’s find Sebastian a place to live and a job!” and a fourth said, “I see his wings and halo.”

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