Man rescues child from railway track, saves from oncoming train: Watch

In an old video that has recently re-surfaced it has been seen that a man rescued a child who had fallen on to the Railway track at a Station. The man actually saved the child from the oncoming train. The video has gone viral.

Posted by user Humans Are Metal to Twitter on March 19, 2023, the video has so far earned 3.9 Million views, 13.7 k retweets, 552 Quote tweets, 110.5k likes and 895 Bookmarks. The user captioned video as “Saving blind mother child, who fall on railway track by a brave railway employee.”

As we can see in the video, a woman and her child are walking on a Railway platform where there is hardly any other passenger. Somehow the child falls on to the rail track. He then stands up at his own but is too young to climb onto the platform while a speeding train is coming from the front side on the same track. And the mother is not in a position to rescue her child. At this juncture a brave man runs towards the child. For a moment he slows down, as perhaps he calculated whether he can reach the child on time or not. Yet, he then runs as fast as possible and reaches near the child, lifts him up and puts him on the platform and himself also gets up.

After seeing the video many people questioned why the mother did not try to save her child. It has been known that the lady is blind and thus could not see what happened. Besides, it has also been known that the man who saved the child is a Railway employee.

It has also been reported that the incident took place at a Railway station in Maharashtra. A few people have claimed that this is an old video which has recently re-surfaced.

For the very courageous effort on the part of the saviour, the video has earned a number of comments. In most of them, netizens have admired the vigour of the man who saved the child.

A user commented, “He is more brave than the video shows, for a moment he thought won’t reach the boy and slowed down and was about to move away. But he fought his survival instinct and decided to keep on running towards the boy. He is super brave, he knew he might fail and it will be fatal,” while another wrote, “God is with him.”

Another user commented, “हर रूप में भगवान बचाने के लिये भेज देते हैं किसी को। इंसानियत अभी जिंदा है।“

And yet another user admired writing, “Wow this is the closest railway saving I have seen in india…hatsoff to that brave man.”

And a user commented, “Every time I watch this makes heart beat faster”

Another man depicted, “Narayan kisi bhi roop mein aa sakte hain. Bebasi ka tod Narayan hi hain.”

“A huge round of applause to the railway employee who put his life at risk to save others. Hope he is rewarded,” hoped another lady user.

“Oh my God. That’s just in time and a brave effort,” praised another user while another user wrote, “I thank the working employees of Indian Railways from the bottom of my heart for this noble work.”

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