Man quits IT job to start donkey milk farm, receives orders worth Rs 17 lakh

In a world where unemployment is rapidly increasing, a 42-year-old man decided to quit his well-settled IT job at a software company to start a donkey farm.

As per a report in ANI, Srinivas Gowda quit his job in 2022 and started a ‘one of a kind’ donkey farming and training centre in Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka.

Reportedly, Srinivas has invested around Rs 40 lakhs into his farm, where he cares for 20 donkeys by far. He is planning to sell donkey milk after the animals are groomed for it, he has already received orders worth Rs 17 lakh.

Moreover, this was not the first idea he had after quitting his job. Srinivas first started Isiri farm, an integrated agriculture and animal husbandry, and veterinary service. Later, he thought through it and started farming donkeys.

Discussing his plans, Srinivas stated to ANI, “We are planning to sell donkey milk which has a lot of advantages. Our dream is that donkey milk should be available to everyone. Donkey milk is a medicine formula.”

Opened on June 8, the farm is the first of its kind in Karnataka and the second in the nation. First in India is the one in the Ernakulam district of Kerala.

The BA graduate revealed that many were apprehensive of his idea at first and some even made fun of him.

Donkey milk is delicious, very expensive, and has medicinal value, said Srinivas. Hence, people’s reaction did not demotivate him and he now plans to supply donkey milk in packets.

He further states that he intends to sell the milk for beauty products as well.

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