Man proposes to girlfriend, but their pet dog steals the show; Watch the viral video

People always try to capture videos of some of their lives’ best moments to preserve it as memory. Likewise, the video of a man proposing to his girlfriend has gone viral on different social media platforms.

The video became viral not because the couple had a unique way of proposal rather for a hilarious reason. In the video which has been shared on the official YouTube channel of
ViralHog, the man is seen going down on his knees to propose to his girlfriend with a ring. However, his dog came into the frame for a potty break.

“The video is of my fiancé proposing to me. We later noticed in the video that one of my Australian shepherds Tucker decided to have a bathroom break right in the middle,” the video caption read.

The incident took place in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada and the video was uploaded on October 2.

Watch the video here:

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