Man predicts changing spelling of Corona to ‘Caronaa’ will end pandemic

In a bizarre incident, a man from Andhra Pradesh says the pandemic will end if we change the word Corona to Caronaa and COVID-19 to Covviyd-19. Interestingly, he even released a huge banner.

According to SV Annandd Rao, the man who posted the ad, if the changes in the spellings are made immediately then the whole world will get rid of the Covid-19 pandemic. He even circulated the advertisement on social media. Though, it might sound bizarre, but is true and was reported from Anantapur in Andhra Pradesh.

The hilarious advertisement was shared by a Twitter user @ImtiazMahmood. The Twitter user posted the unbelievable advertisement on the micro-blogging site.

The caption read, “The world has spent trillions fighting Covid, whereas the solution is right here.”

In the viral advertisement poster is written, “If you use the changed spelling of CARONAA and COVVIYD-19 by affixing the same to either doors or in public places or by tying the banner in all public places, CARONAA will be disappeared from not only from Ananthapuram dist. but also from the world. This is guarantee as it is divine power as per NUMEROLOGY (sic).”

Now, the hilarious picture has gone viral on social media. It has been doing rounds on the internet. When, vaccines, masks and several precautionary measures are not able to stop the virus from spreading and killing people, the man has very conveniently come up with a solution that calls for just a change in the original name of this virus.

What are your thoughts on the man’s advertisement? If you think the man’s idea is bizarre, then just diligently follow all the Covid-19 related protocols, wear face masks and get vaccinated as soon as possible as suggested by doctors and scientists.


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