Man pays Rs 50,000 to CA to settle Rs 1 tax dispute in Delhi, Internet responds

Chartered Accountants (CA) are often paid high to settle tax disputes. However, recently, one Apoorv Jain, a citizen of Delhi, has revealed on social media that he paid a CA Rs 50,000 to settle a tax dispute that was only of Rs 1.

Apoorv Jain took to his X (formerly Twitter) handle and stated, “I paid a Rs 50,000 fee to the chartered accountant for an income tax notice I received recently wherein the final disputed value turned out to be Re 1/-. I am not joking.”

The tweet has garnered over 15 thousand views, while, hundreds of X users have liked the post. Reacting to it, one user commented, “The state of this department is such that nothing looks like a joke anymore.” Another user wrote, “Are you blaming your CA here or praising? Please clarify. What was your initial demand notice?”

A third user commented, “It is really showing the complexities of system our govt should take seriously such matters.” Another users said, “What’s the original demand? Final demand I understand it’s Re 1.” A fifth person commented, “I understand what you mean. I am not a businessman. A retired govt servant. I got a notice which would have amounted to pmt of several lakhs in IT and penalties. The notice was prima facie baseless. But I had to spend about one lac to prove that there was no due i.e., 0 demand.”

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