Man orders iPhone worth over 1 Lakh, gets two chocolate bars wrapped in toilet paper instead

Man orders phone worth Rs 1 lakh, finds chocolate bars wrapped in toilet paper inside package

In a bizarre incident, a man was shocked after he received two bars of chocolate wrapped up in toilet paper instead of the iPhone 13 he ordered online. This incident has reportedly happened in Leeds, England.

The man identified as Daniel Carroll was eagerly waiting for his iPhone 13 Pro Max worth £1,045 (around Rs 1,05,o35) and was tracking the delivery status as it was delayed by two weeks.

However, when he finally received the package from a DHL warehouse and opened it, he was shocked and disappointed to find two Cadbury chocolate bars wrapped in toilet white toilet paper instead of the phone, said reports.

According to reports, Daniel said that he ordered the phone on December 2 through the Apple website, but due to stock issues, it was confirmed to be delivered on December 17 on the earliest. But, on the day of its delivery he received several conflicting updates from DHL.

Daniel further added that frustrated by the delay, he choose to collect the parcel from the warehouse himself and he was reportedly told that it would be available for collection on Saturday.

So, he made a 24-mile-round-trip to collect the parcel on Monday. However, when he got home and carefully inspect it, the parcel seems to have been tampered with as the tape was quite loose. And when he opened the parcel his suspicion was proved as he found two bars of Dairy Milk Oreo with cheap industrial toilet roll inside. He also added that that toilet roll was stinking.

He shared his ordeal on Twitter and tagged DHL. His tweeet reads, “After a long weekend of a brand new iPhone 13 Pro Max being stuck in @DHLParcelUK network, failing any delivery attempt Friday-Sun, I finally picked up the parcel yesterday from DHL Leeds to find the package tampered with and the new phone (Christmas present) replaced with this,” he tweeted, along with photos of the chocolate bars and toilet roll.

“Last Friday on the day it was due to be delivered I had several conflicting updates from DHL. At first, it said ‘out for delivery’, then scanned as ‘delayed’, then back to ‘out for delivery between 13:45-14:45’” he added in a follow-up tweet.

DHL has responded to the incident and replied that they are looking into the incident and have started an investigation. They also asked the sender to get a replacement for Carroll.

“We’re investigating the case as a priority and we have been in touch with the sender to ensure a replacement gets to Mr Carroll,” said a DHL spokesperson.

“I work for a logistics company and knowing DHL, there’s no reason why the parcel should not be tracked as received back at the depot during that time unless it’s being manually taken out of its usual process,” he wrote.

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  1. Chandra Shekhar Chitrala says

    While this was in UK, it has happened in Bhubaneswar too – I ordered an iPhone 12 Mini from Flipkart and was delivered a cake of Rin and half a cake of Vim on 16 December (* can send you the picture if you wish). The seller refused to refund when I tried to do so through Flipkart Customer Support. Following this, when I reached out to a senior executive, Flipkart has said they are trying to resolve the issue and will be proceeding legally against the seller, but neither have I gotten a refund or a replacement phone till date.

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