Man marries 9 wives at once, the reason will surprise you

Brazilian model Arthur O Urso came into the limelight by marrying 9 women at once. Arthur was already married, but to celebrate ‘Free Love’ and protest ‘One Marriage’, he married nine more women at a time. Thus in total Arthur has 10 wives.

According to media reports, Arthur used to be very upset due to obesity. In such a situation, he decided to get rid of it and gradually reduced his weight of 28 kg. His weight had gone beyond 100.

After losing weight, Arthur started modeling. He says that if he had not been able to lose weight, he would not have been able to marry 9 women.

According to ‘Daily Star’, in the meantime, when he married 9 women together, he came into the limelight. Arthur O’Urso’s first wife’s name is Luana Kazaki. How Arthur’s life changed, he himself has told.

According to Arthur, he used to sweat in the gym from Monday to Saturday and rest on Sunday. Describing his diet, Arthur said that “During this time I did not eat such food which contains salt, sugar or fat. Made a strict rule of taking a balanced diet.”

Photo: Arthur O Urso/Insta

Arthur said that I started eating comfortably. Didn’t leave the house much. In the midst of all this, I also went into depression, but managed to lose weight by adopting a new lifestyle. Arthur claims that his life has become much easier after losing an impressive weight (close to 28 kg). Now women are fascinated by his attractive look.


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